This website is for your phone!!!!!!!! apologies if I make any typos my English isnt the best))) Nyakita or Alex if ur allergic to fun and joy Im 16,a very shut in person and im basically is rotting in my room all day. I speak English/german/polish/french and, I'm learning Russian/mandarin/jpn. I love exploring websites like archives,4chan and more... I'm fascinated by death and psychology. Which shows in my interests,i mostly like movies and books that revolve around that Also.... I'm a very chronically online and edgy individual and I might be autistic, so please excuse me for being a bit, strange. Well enough with the talking, here are my interests. Movies:Goth(2008)-Lilychouchou(2001)Liverleaf(2018) sala samobójców (2011) Video games i enjoy:second life(my absolute favorite)Red Dead Redemption2, minecraft etc.... Music:i can't really describe my music taste... Its a mix of random songs i keep listening to on repeat and industrial metal but yes you could call emo and i listen to a lot of emo music. Bands:silverstein,finch,hawthrone heights, taking back Sunday,(early)panic!at the disco,flyleaf, i set my friends on fire, dot dot curve, get scared,fall out boy,a day to remember, Asking Alexandria, black Veil brides, escape the fate, all time low, sleeping with Sirens and more... But i also like:babymetal,Evanescence, Korn, Linkin park, three days grace,limp bizkit,system of a down, type o negative, nine inch nails, kmfdm, deftones Nirvana, bring me the horizon and more... All time favorite songs 1.Smile in your sleep-silverstein 2.what it is to burn-finch 3.makedamnsure-taking back sunday 4.time to dance-panic!at the disco 5.All around me-flyleaf If you haven't listened to those yet I'd highly recommend it Well more facts about me: I'm kind of a nerd,I enjoy learning about history and cultures such as pretty much everything. I really enjoy everything that revolves around the early 2000s and the internet,i pretty much only exist online

▄︻デ══━一💥 angel .